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I have decided that workflow, more precisely the lack of it, is my number one reason I have not been updating reqularily or often. To fix this I’ve decided that there are a few goals I want to accomplish.

I want to be able to …

  1. create entries from anywhere.
  2. update the site from any of my most used computers
  3. keep the site backed up

Of these 3 the last one is the easiest; Octopress started in git, got cloned locally and finally I added it to a git repo on this web server. To manage 1, Ill need to figure out some way to create an entry and then turn that into a post, either by copy and paste once I get home or through some automated process which I have yet to discover or perhaps write.

For 2 I think git, rvm and ruby on my most used computers is the answer, for linux and osx, no problem I’ve already got it setup. My windows computer though seems to be a second class citizen in regards to ruby and octopress. Through trial and error I’ve managed to get cygwin, rvm, and ruby and all the ocotopress dependencies. unfortunently I have yet to get it fully working at home (probably just need to play with it a bit more).

For now My workflow for posting will be the following

  1. create a post on whatever system I’m on
  2. Get that post to one of my systems I can update on, wether its through email, network share or git
  3. Create the new_post and copy the post to it.
  4. regenerate and deploy!